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In order to better serve you, we have complied a list, updated periodically, of parts that are frequently misidentified. Prior to purchasing an exchange item, we encourage you to consult with us should you have any uncertainty as to the acceptability or credit value of your exchange core. By contacting us in advance of purchase with your core p/n, manufacturer's name & manufacturer's p/n, and reason for removal, we can reduce the potential for core billing or other charges. Please feel free to contact us concerning your core if you have any questions. 
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Cessna Fuel Pumps

(P/N 1C12-17 vs. RR53710 series)

     The Airborne 1C12-17 differs from the older Romec RR53710 series several ways. Here’s some visual clues to look for. Look closely at the mount face, motor cover, and for the presence of screws joining the motor / pump body to the pump lower half. Our comparison photo will assist you in the respective differences.
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Cessna Landing Gear Actuators

(9910139- series and 9910136- series)

     With three different manufacturers (Teijin Seiki, Cessna Fluid Power & Western Hydraulics), these cores range in value but are easy to identify. The primary core consideration is whether or not it is a Teijin Seiki or one of the other two manufacturers.
     You will notice the the Teijin Seiki manufactured unit has a micro switch that is parallel to the the actuator's body, where as the other two manufactures have micro switches that are perpendicular to the actuator body.
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Cessna Other

(Dimmers P/N 5118424-1 vs. P/N 5118424-3)

     In our experience examining various -1 & -3 cores over the years, we have come to believe the 5118424-3 dimmer has an additional component affixed next to the toggle switch not found on the -1 dimmer and a wire present at connector pin 24. The -1 dimmer appears not to have the additional component and connector pins 24 & 25 are not utilized.
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(Rudder Trim Actuators P/N 5115207-1 vs. P/N 5115207-6)

     The 5115207-1 & 5115207-6 are very similar but can be quickly differentiated by measuring the shaft diameter of the exposed jackscrew. A measurement of 1/4" indicates a -1, whereas a 5/16" diameter is found in the -6 actuator.
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(Trim Actuators P/N 1260074-4 vs. P/N 0815097-2)

     Even though these trim actuators fit different aircraft, they are often mistakenly bought in place of one another. There are several obvious differences between these two units.
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(Fuel Pump RG52400B & RG52400D vs. 1C15-4 & 1C54-1)

     The Romec RG52400B / D pumps usually have data plates affixed and have a pump body that is significantly different than the Airborne 1C54-1 or 1C15-4. When installed in the aircraft fuel bay, pump identification is very difficult with the most reliable identification method being removal of the pump.
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Citation Landing Gear Actuators

(Teijin Seiki vs. Dowty Decoto)

     Dowty Decoto and Teijin Seiki MLG actuators are both popular with our Citation owners. Dowty units are usually grey in color with a 2-port arrangement that typically shares a single raised boss. The Dowty may have a multi-piece housing end vs. the Teijin Seiki’s solid end.
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Raytheon King Air

(Actuators P/N 101-389006-7 vs. P/N 101-389006-11)

     Since these actuators are interchangable, they are commonly mis-ordered. Both actuators have the same fit, form and function, but very different values. The -7 is manufactured by Barber Coleman, where as the -11 is manufactured by Electromech. When placing these two units side by side, the differences are obvious.
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(Deice Distribution Valves P/N 1532-3c vs. P/N 101-384144-1 & -3)

     The 1532-x series valves are all very similar at first glance. The 1532-3 (style A, B, or C) are black in color with a metal body. The newer 1532-11D (101-384144-1) and the newest version, the 1532-10C (101-384144-3) have plastic bodies. The -11D’s are green / blue in color whereas the -10C’s are black. Upon close visual inspection differences in the -3x vs. -10C bodies are noticeable.
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